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  • Mindfulness & Mindset Mastery - ABNLP Webinar Apr 2014

Mindfulness & Mindset Mastery - ABNLP Webinar Apr 2014

  • 24 Apr 2014
  • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Online - Live & Recorded

Mindfulness & Mindset Mastery
th Robert Gronbeck

  Mindfulness Meditation explained explicitly via NLP strategy notation

  Developing kinaesthetic intelligence, awareness and regulation

 .   Why controlling thoughts are impossible and what alternatives are better

.    How to ensure negative emotions don’t steal your attention

 How to utilise the mindfulness state to perform change work

  The three ingredients for building an unshakeable performance flow state

 Why recent research findings from psychological neuroscience provides athletes, students, elderly and anyone with strategies to rewire their brains to overcome mental blocks and stay focused

 The power of creating a mindset of equanimity and acceptance

Robert Gronbeck is a sport psychology specialist, coach, researcher and competitor. He is known for his initiative, problem solving ability and his knowledge on sports psychology and club development.

Masterful Performances is his third major sports development project in Far North Queensland. His mission is to ready our youth and development athletes for the psychological challenge of professional sports. He has spoken at National Conferences in psychology, consulted with athletes & coaches across many sports and levels and has been published on topics of psychological first aid, coaching mastery, and parent behaviours in sports.

He has researched empathy, emotional intelligence, career preference as well as self-control in eating and his focus on evidence-based practice instils confidence and gets results with those he works with.

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