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Grief and Loss - ABNLP Webinar Mar 2014

  • 20 Mar 2014
  • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Online - Live & Recorded

Grief and Loss
with Leonie Lomax and Tracy Busse

Leonie Lomax is a Reiki Master, NLP Master Practitioner, Chef, Medium, wife and mum to 6 and grandmother to 2, she has started up and owned 3 cafes and an award winning restaurant. Her career in hospitality spans over 30 years, as a Chef, Events Manager and Trainer, having worked in Australia, New Zealand, and UK.  She offers clients business coaching and frequently works with women, men, and business owners who want to achieve greater connection to their spirit and purpose in life. Leonie cared for and lost both parents within a year.

Tracy Busse is a HR Consultant, Career and Transitions Coach. She has 20 + years’ HR experience in Australia and South Africa and has also worked in the UK. She has successfully combined her passion for organisational psychology, coaching and life experience to offer 1:1 and group seminars/ webinars bringing clients a unique experience. Tracy has experienced the sudden death of her brother and a subsequent near death experience herself.

Leonie and Tracy have both experienced substantial change in their lives and have walked a personal journey of grief and healing since they met in September 2012. Since their meeting, they have worked together and with their clients to develop a 5 step grief and loss program that combines their personal and business experience. They draw on techniques to engage both hemispheres of the brain, neuroplasticity, metaphor, music and other creative techniques and endeavours that you/your clients might wish to explore outside of the program.

·         Join Leonie and Tracy as they tackle the taboo subject of death, share their personal stories and introduce you to the first step in their transformational program – Grief to Growth


·         Learn more about their approach to grief and loss and many tips and strategies to move from grief to growth and gratitude


·         This is webinar appropriate if you have experienced grief or a loss or if you are dealing with clients who are going through grief or loss (loss of job, family breakdown and all life changes)


·         Primarily the focus of the program is the post the intense grief period, when someone feels that they are stuck in sadness and haven’t moved through grief towards growth, gratitude and wholeness

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