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Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling

  • 28 Mar 2014
  • 30 Mar 2014
  • Hobard, TAS

Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling: Using metaphor as a mirror to see yourself and others

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Over the last 20 years Penny Tompkins and James Lawley have developed a unique way of facilitating people to make those subtle shifts in perception that lead to organic change and personal evolution. Their 'clean' approach, Symbolic Modelling, is based on David Grove's Clean Language and his innovative therapeutic work with people's self-created metaphor landscapes.

What you can expect from this workshop:

  • To experience emergent and experiential learning (rather than a traditional training).
  • To witness a change process that requires the facilitator to have no desire for change!
  • To explore what happens in the minds of two leaders in the field.
  • To experience your own metaphor landscape on a personal development topic of your choice.
  • Hands-on practice of facilitating others with skills-based coaching from Penny and James.
  • To learn and/or to develop your modelling skills (you have them - you just may not know it yet).
  • To discover how you can apply what you are observing and learning in your own work context.


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