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NLP Enhancement Workshop with Dr. L. Michael Hall

  • 09 Jun 2012
  • 9:00 AM
  • 10 Jun 2012
  • 6:00 PM
  • Sydney CBD - TBA
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Unleashing Potentials   

Self-Actualisation Psychology
with Dr. L. Michael Hall PdD (USA) 


Michael Hall is well known throughout the world for his development in the field of NLP and being the author of over 30 books including Self Actualisation Psychology, the User Manual for the Brain, The Spirit of NLP, Sourcebook of Magic, Coaching Conversations and Unleashing Leadership. Michael is also the co-developer of the Meta Coaching System.  The ABNLP is again pleased to host Michael from the USA in June for this exceptional 2 day workshop.

This workshop is aimed at the NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer who wish to gain skills and knowledge to for themselves and others to reach even higher levels of self-actualisation and identify higher possible potentials.      


Based on the work of Abraham Maslow, this workshop will help you to l develop the concepts of Self-Actualization Psycholgy, which believes in human potentials and capabilities, trusts in the best of intentions and instincts of people, and believes that it is within us to continue growing, developing and evolving. The concepts presented in this workshop will help enable you to identify your innate powers and then will facilitate you in participating in your own growth so you can become the architect of your own development.

Imagine awaking to the realization that you will spend much of your time today in a "flow" state of creative consciousness, that you will perform in the zone completely focused and engaged in something you absolutely love. Learn to self-actualize and mobilize all of your inner psychological resources as well as all of your outer relational, social, and environmental resources to make your life all that it can be.  

Introducing Michael Hall

L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. is an entrepreneur who lives in the Rocky Mountains of western Colorado where he had a private therapy practice for many years, operated an NLP Training Center, and from where he began trainings in Meta-States and Neuro-Semantics.

Regarding NLP, he studied originally with Richard Bandler in the late 1980s and became a Master Practitioner and Trainer. His notes of the Bandler's trainings eventually became the books The Spirit of NLP (1996) and Becoming More Ferocious as a Presenter. He worked with Bandler on the Society of NLP and edited two books, Time For a Change and Applied Neuro-Dynamics.


Dr. Hall's doctorate is in Cognitive-Behavioral Psychology is from Union Institute University in Cincinnati Ohio. His doctoral dissertation explored the languaging of four psychotherapies (NLP, RET, Reality Therapy, Logotherapy) using the formulations of General Semantics. He addressed the Interdisciplinary International Conference (1995) presenting an integration of NLP and General Semantics.  His Masters degree was in Clinical Counseling and Psychology from Regis University in Denver Colorado and his Bachelors of Science was in Management of Human Resources.  Prior to those degrees he took a Masters in Biblical Literature and Language.

As an author, Dr. Hall is known as a prolific writer with 30 some books to his name, more than 100 published articles and is recognized as a leading NLP Trainer and developer of many models, most notably the revolutionary Meta-States model and more recently the Matrix model. In 1996, Michael co-founded with Dr. Bob Bodenhamer Neuro-Semantics® as a field of study and as an International Society.

Today Michael spends most of his time researching and modeling and training internationally. His modeling projects have included modeling excellence in a variety of areas: resilience, self-reflexive consciousness, state management, sales, persuasion, accelerated learning, wealth building, women in leadership, fitness and health, culture and cultural phenomena, and leadership.

Please help the ABNLP in welcoming Michael Hall to Australia.

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