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ABNLP Webinar - January - Lynda Dyer

  • 20 Jan 2017
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Online - Live & Recorded

Join us for a special webinar on Using NLP to write your book with Lynda Dyer

Is writing a book on your goal list? Writing a book is a wonderful goal for many reasons, public profile, sharing your message, helping people…

But the book is not just about you, it’s about communicating something to your reader, in this webinar popular author & NLP trainer Lynda Dyer is going to teach us her NLP secrets to writing popular books.

Lynda Dyer shares with us her experience and isdom in this webinar.

Introducing Lynda Dyer

Lynda Dyer Msc, is one of 58 people from around the world filmed for The Secret because she applies her material to her life and cured herself of the debilitating disease of Lupus. 

She is a Certified Professional Trainer of NLP and a Master Trainer of Matrix Therapies. She is an International Speaker, transformational Coach, Cast Member of Living Consciously TV Show, and International Best Selling and Award Winning Author of 8 books including ‘You Can Make it Happen Now’, ‘Healing Your Immune System’ and ‘Create Confident Kids’. Lynda is presently writing her 9th book on ‘Age is an Attitude’. 

She has assisted the earthquake victims in China by translating 5000, copies of her book ‘Good Grief’ and delivering them personally. She now sponsors a village in Uganda, Africa. She doesn’t just live with the motto that ‘You Can Make it Happen NOW’, she is writing, training, coaching and living her material every day.

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