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  • 20 Oct 2016
  • 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Online - Live & Recorded


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Join us for a special webinar on How does NLP help to improve your relationships with David Donahoo.

David will share with us how we can best use NLP to create better, more loving relationships.

  • Identify what is important in building relationships
  • How NLP can help to build better relationships
  • Discover the question to ask when things go wrong in a relationship that most people never use.

Introducing David Donahoo

As a qualified NLP trainer, Hypnotherapist, Presenter and Author, David has studied the methods required to help people better understand their mind. With experience in both the corporate environment and owner of a small business for 10 years, David specialises in assisting small and medium business owners, managers, leaders and other professionals to create their success mindset that really drives performance, innovation, relationships, engagement and creativity in their business and also in their personal life.

David believes success in business is always about your perceptions which determine your feelings which directly affect your behaviour. When you change your perceptions and have a success mindset, your level of success through successful behaviour will be created.

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