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  • 16 Sep 2016
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Online - Live & Recorded


  • Master you Niche - Create & Sell Coaching Programs

    September 12th, 2016 12-1pm

Join us for a special webinar on Master your Niche - Create & Sell Coaching Programs with Kylie Ryan. 

Create eager stream of clients who want to work with ONLY YOU.

So many amazing coaches and NLP’ers fail to have the impact and income they would love to make because they don’t know how to get clients. In today’s crowded market place the best way to stand out, connect deeply with your prospective clients and create a successful business quickly is to NICHE. We know this is a proven model, and yet many NLP’ers fail to do it, or do it well.

Kylie will share her insider secrets on how to decide, claim and master your niche so you can have a ready, eager and willing stream of endless clients lining up to work with YOU and only you.

Introducing Kylie Ryan

Kylie Ryan is an NLP Trainer, Coach Mentor & Weight loss motivation specialist. After mastering her own psychology, losing 30 kgs and transforming her life, Kylie now teaches other coaches learn the skills of NLP for health coaching, and how to build leveraged, profitable businesses that serve them and their clients, to make a massive impact and serve the world.

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