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  • My Billion Dollar Degree with Rik Schnabel - ABNLP Webinar August 2015

My Billion Dollar Degree with Rik Schnabel - ABNLP Webinar August 2015

  • 20 Aug 2015
  • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Online - Live & Recorded

My Billion Dollar Degree

with Rik Schnabel

In 2000, prior to becoming a fully certified NLP Trainer by the Australian Board of NLP, Rik Schnabel gained his ‘Billion Dollar Degree.’ An education that would completely alter his thinking about how money meets mindset.

This webinar promises all attendees a provocative and insightful vantage point into the mindset of money. Prepare to have your mind opened wider to receive and discover how to create a coaching program to positively adjust your client’s financial thermostat.

Everyone’s mind has a financial thermostat. Financial thermostats are the very reason that some people live in the jet set while others endure the poor set. Everything we are and everything we create is due to the mindset elements that determine our financial temperature. Is it possible that our neurological systems can self-sabotage our income potential? The answer is YES! But where do we start and what do we look for?

In this webinar you will learn to:

1.      Identify what your financial thermostat is set to

2.      Discover how to turn up the financial heat

3.      Understand the psychological make-up of income mastery

4.      Use a Coaching System to improve your client’s income

A regular contributor to the media, Rik Schnabel is an NLP Trainer with over 9,000 training hours and 8,000 coaching hours. Rik Schnabel is Life Beyond Limits’ director of training and coaching and best-selling author of “The Power of Beliefs” and “The Secrets to Creating a Life Beyond Limits” — distributed through Pan McMillan.


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