Meet your 2016-2017 Leadership Team

The ABNLP Board of Management are elected to office for a one-year term at the Annual General Meeting held each June/July. The Leadership Team members volunteer their time and expertise for the Board and have a passion for NLP and a desire to help grow the NLP community in Australia.
Dr. Heidi Heron PsyD  


Heidi is a Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP and a principal trainer with the Australasian Institute of NLP. She has over 17 years of experience in the field of NLP and currently holds Clinical and Registered Trainer Membership within the ABNLP and is a clinical supervisor. Her qualifications beyond NLP include: Bachelor of Arts – Psychology, Bachelor of Arts – Communication, Masters in Adult Education and has completed her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Heidi was the 2008 & 2015 ABNLP Conference Coordinator, has held the position of Secretary with the ABNLP for two years and has long stood the Chairperson of the ABNLP.

Thank you Heidi for all your amazing volunteer work to the ABNLP. Your contribution is truly fabulous!

Kylie Ryan




Let's say for now, that Kylie is an absolute star!! She organises and hosts our monthly webinars and contributes greatly to the ABNLP.

Owner of My Mind Coach, she has dedicated the past 10 years of her life to learning and perfecting the most cutting- edge mind coaching techniques: Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Time-Line Therapy, Matrix Therapies, & Meta-Coaching. 

Rik Schnabel

Rik Schnabel is Life Beyond Limits' director of training and coaching and best-selling author of "The Secrets
to Creating a Life Beyond Limits" and "The Power of Beliefs".

A sought after authority in mastering the amygdala and behavioural change, Rik Schnabel holds a wealth of professional and personal development experience.

He is a Trainer Member and Clinical Member of the ABNLP.



Des Lowe


Having worked in senior positions in the corporate world for many years, Des is in a unique position to fully understand and appreciate different ‘realities’ of life. Since leaving the corporate world, he has studied and embraced NLP and become a Master Practitioner. He has also since set up his own coaching business. As part of his commitment to further community knowledge of NLP he joined the Board in 2011 as Secretary and held that role for 3 years before moving to the Vice-Chairperson role.


 Lauren Jobson

Lauren attended an introduction weekend workshop on NLP in 2005 and she found that she wanted to learn the skills and be able to share what she just experienced with others. She became certified as an NLP Practitioner just months after experiencing the weekend, learning & teaching ever since, now 11 years later she is a Master Trainer & Master Practitioner of NLP and Matrix Therapies along with other modalities such as Hypnosis, Chakra Mindset and the Universal Laws through Archetypes.  

Lauren was the Vice Chair Person & Secretary of the ABNLP as high standards of the NLP field is important to her. She is also a Registered Trainer Member and Clinical Member. She is now the Trainer Member "Person", connecting great NLP Trainers in Oz to join us here in this wonderful community. 


Craig Woolven 


Let's just say for now, Craig is a star! 
Miranda Brauwers-Kuijsten

Let's just say for now that Miranda is truly wonderful! 


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